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FY 2019 Nuclear Physics Workforce Survey

To: National Laboratory Group Leaders and University Principal Investigators

Subject: Nuclear Physics Workforce Survey

It is again time to gather information for the annual survey of scientific workforce in the DOE Nuclear Physics program.  Statistical information from this workforce survey is used to assess the overall impact of funding and budgetary decisions on the program.

As in our previous surveys, we are requesting the number of personnel in various categories of Ph.D. staff and the number of graduate students who belong to your research group. The workforce counts should be taken as of October 1, 2019, in units of individuals (i.e., head counts (and FTEs for laboratories only)), and separated into experimentalists or theorists.  Note that the workforce supported for contract- or grant-related work by non-DOE funds should be identified separately. Also, we are requesting the number of Ph.D. degrees awarded through the fiscal year ending September 30, 2019, and some general information about those graduates.

When completing your survey form, please fill in actual numbers in the "2019 Firm" columns and provide estimates in the "2020 Estimate" columns. For university principal investigators, if you expect your grant to be renewed in FY 2020, you should assume a support level about the same as in FY 2019.  If you are a university principal investigator who is new this year, please provide your workforce numbers as of October 1, 2019,  in the column "2019 Firm" and estimated numbers for next year in the column "2020 Estimate."

This year, we are again requesting that the survey be completed over the internet.  If you were included in the survey last year, your "2018 Firm" and "2019 Estimate" workforce numbers reported are shown on your survey form.  An email message recently sent contains the information you will need to access your survey form to submit your data to Nuclear Physics.

Note that we must have a response to all survey forms. You can significantly reduce our office's workload by promptly completing the survey over the internet. 

Your response to this survey is requested but currently is closed!

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